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Environmental emergency resource investigation Guide

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This guide, commonly known as environmental emergency resources, is provided by Libao intermediate research center, which refers to the materials and equipment needed to take emergency measures to deal with environmental emergencies. Environmental emergency resources investigation can include emergency management, technical support, rescue and other environmental emergency teams and emergency command, emergency interception and storage, emergency evacuation and temporary resettlement, material storage and other environmental emergency sites.
The purpose of the investigation is to carry out the environmental emergency resource investigation, collect and master the environmental emergency resource status that can be used in the region and the unit at the first time, establish and improve the key environmental emergency resource information database, strengthen the management of environmental emergency resource reserve, and promote the quality of environmental emergency plan and environmental emergency capacity.
The principle of investigation: the environmental emergency resources investigation should follow the objective, professional and reliable principles. "Objective" refers to the investigation of the resources that have been reserved and the resource information that has been mastered. "Specialty" refers to the investigation of special resources for environmental emergency. "Reliable" means that the investigation process is scientific, the investigation conclusion is credible and the resource mobilization can be guaranteed.
The main body of investigation: the main body of investigation is the ecological environment department or enterprises and institutions.
Contents of investigation: the environmental emergency resources that can be used in the first time when an environmental emergency occurs or is likely to occur, including those that can be directly used or coordinated to be used, and the management, maintenance, acquisition method and storage time limit of environmental emergency resources shall be investigated.
The investigation subject can further expand the investigation content from the task demand, operation mode or resource function of environmental emergency. It should be noted that environmental emergency resources come from a wide range of sources. In the emergency scene, ordinary goods are often directly or simply transformed for on-site disposal in combination with the actual situation, such as wood bran used for adsorption and tons of barrels transformed into dosing equipment.
1、 Investigation of ecological environment department
It is mainly within the administrative region at the same level, and the environmental emergency resource information around the region and the river basin can be investigated when necessary. Priority should be given to investigating the environmental emergency resources of the emergency material storehouses of the government, ecological environment and other relevant departments, and at the same time, the material warehouses of key enterprises and institutions, especially large enterprises, should be included in the investigation. According to the risk situation and emergency needs, the units that produce and supply environmental emergency resources, units whose products, raw materials and auxiliary materials can be used as environmental emergency resources and other units that need to be investigated can also be included in the scope of investigation.
2、 Investigation of enterprises and institutions
Environmental emergency resources are mainly internal to enterprises and institutions, including self storage, agent storage and agreement reserve. If necessary, products, raw materials and auxiliary materials that can be used for environmental emergency can be included in the scope of investigation.
3、 Investigation procedure
Generally, the investigation is organized according to the following procedures, and the investigation subject can be simplified appropriately according to the investigation scale.
1. Formulate investigation plan
Collect and analyze environmental risk assessment, emergency plan, drill record, event disposal record, historical investigation and daily management data, determine the objectives, objects, scope, methods and plans of this investigation, design investigation forms, and clarify personnel and tasks.
2. Arrange deployment investigation
Through issuing notices, organizing training, holding meetings and other forms, the investigation task is arranged and deployed, so that the investigators can understand the investigation content and time arrangement, and master the investigation technical route and key points.
3. Information collection audit
According to the investigation plan, the investigators collect relevant information and fill in the survey form by means of filling in forms, questionnaire surveys and field surveys. Through the way of spot check and interview, the data are collected and analyzed in a logical way. The key environmental emergency resources should be investigated on the spot.
4. Prepare investigation report
The investigation report generally includes the survey summary, investigation process and data verification, investigation results and conclusions, and attached with the necessary documents such as environmental emergency resource information list, distribution map, deployment process and investigation plan.
5. Establish information files
Collect and sort out the investigation results and establish the investigation information files including resource list, investigation report and management system. Gradually realize the structure, data and information of investigation information.
6. Survey data update
The investigation subject should strengthen the dynamic management of environmental emergency resource information and update the environmental emergency resource information in time. When evaluating and revising the environmental emergency plan, the environmental emergency resources should be updated together.
Specific survey data update can refer to the above survey procedures to simplify properly.
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