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Cleaning and quality of Ribao 5S management system

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In the previous article, we have described in detail the management system of Ribao 5S, including sorting, rectification and cleaning. In this issue, we will talk about the last two items of 5S management system, namely, cleaning chapter and literacy chapter. Then finish the study of this subject.
The first is cleaning
Here's a tip:
① Stationery and office supplies should be kept clean and undamaged, the documents should be free from page dropping, the marks should be clear and the cover should be clean;
② The floor, wall, glass, etc. have no dirty mark and dust;
③ Cleaning tools and garbage cans should be kept clean;
④ The arrangement, rectification and cleaning should be standardized and habitual. The management personnel can supervise the deployment and the deployment can work spontaneously.
Finally, the article is about accomplishment
Here's a tip:
① Adhere to the pre class meeting, learn polite expressions and make records;
② 5 s work is done every day, and the internal 5S bad condition diagnosis is made;
③ Pay attention to appearance and wear work clothes according to regulations;
④ Comply with the company's regulations and don't do anything irrelevant to the work;
⑤ Go to work on time, don't leave early, don't be late or absent from work;
⑥ Smoking to the prescribed places, do not smoke in non-smoking places;
⑦ Maintain good personal hygiene;
⑧ The staff have good appearance, full of spirit and work hard;
⑨ Turn off all electrical equipment and devices after work.
In this way, all the contents of Seiri, seison, Seiketsu and Shitsuke have been described.
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