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Li Bao 5S management system

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What is 5S management system?
5S management refers to the activities of Seiri, seisot, Seiketsu and Shitsuke. It is the most effective way to educate, inspire and develop good "working habits" and obtain high-quality working environment and achievements.
Sorting out: distinguish between needed and unnecessary items, and decisively remove unnecessary items.
Straightening out: put the needed items in order so that anyone can use them immediately at any time.
Cleaning: remove the dust and foreign matters on the floor, wall, equipment and articles of the workplace, and create a clean environment.
Cleaning: maintain the state of sorting, rectifying and cleaning, and improve from the root.
Quality: abide by the discipline, rules and operation methods formulated by the company to make it a spontaneous and habitual behavior.
Well, let's focus on the main points of the article.
1. Sorting out is to remove unnecessary items, which is the beginning of 5S management and the most critical project;
2. The scene is changing every day. The necessities of yesterday may become non necessities today. Sorting out is an endless cycle;
3. According to the needs of the work at any time, bold and decisive disposal of non essential;
4. All personnel should form the habit of daily circulation and self-examination.
How should each administrative region do a good job in sorting out the work? Let's take Ribao as an example
Office area: mainly refers to the office, technical room, conference room, chairman's room, academic exchange room, reception room, reference room, finance room, monitoring room, synthesis office, warehouse office.
① The fixed position of the office desk and chair, the article responsibility to the individual, without the consent of the company, can not be replaced freely.
② Chen Qinxue is responsible for the public office and exchange room, such as academic exchange room, reception room, conference table and chair, and the temporary stool and chair shall be returned to the original position by the user due to insufficient use.
③ The desk is clean and tidy. Except daily necessities, other items should not be placed on the desk.
④ No other items should be placed under the desk except personal trash can.
Chemical Zone:
① There should be a sense of integrity in the work area.
② Remove the commonly used reagents not used within 1 week and the project reagents after the end of the project.
③ Remove the excess solid waste, liquid waste and solid waste. The contents in the barrel shall not exceed 3 / 4 of the barrel volume, and the waste liquid shall not be less than 90%.
④ Remove turnover baskets and drums that are not used within 24 hours.
⑤ Remove damaged instruments and accessories.
⑥ Remove devices that may be used in the future but not now.
Analysis area:
① Keep the desk clean and tidy, and put the articles in order.
② Non temporary reagents shall not be placed on the table.
③ The samples after analysis should be removed in time.
④ After the analysis, the sample preparation container should be cleaned in time.
⑤ Remove the waste liquid bottle in the liquid phase chamber in time, and the waste liquid shall not exceed 90%
⑥ Remove damaged instruments and containers.
⑦ Remove the used reagent bottles in time.
⑧ There are three round benches in the gas phase chamber and three round benches in the liquid phase chamber. There are no benches in the physical and chemical analysis room, the balance room and the sample room.
Warehouse area:
① The floor and shelves of the warehouse shall be kept clean and tidy. Turn the air switch to manual gear every morning and to automatic gear after work
② Clean up the sundries dripped and the empty barrels after receiving the materials every day. The empty barrels should be stacked neatly in the sundry room where empty barrels are stacked.
③ When the stock of raw materials and daily necessities commonly used in the warehouse is not enough, the warehouse keeper shall inform the purchasing in time to avoid delay in production.
④ The corridor leading to the warehouse shall not be stacked with any sundries.
⑤ Fireworks are strictly prohibited in the warehouse, and non management personnel are not allowed to enter or leave the warehouse at will.
This is the content of this issue of 5S management system. Please see the next issue of Ribao 5S management system.
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