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Determination of o-aminobenzamide

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Analysis of 2-aminobenzamide
Finished product: liquid phase
1.1.1 apparatus and reagents:
High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), analytical balance, methanol chromatographic purity
1.1.2 operation method:
Accurately weigh about 0.1g of o-aminobenzoamide product, add 1ml methanol for dilution, and shake well.
1.1.3 analysis conditions:
Column: 5um, C18, 4.6 * 150mm
Protective column cn
The flow rate was 1.0ml/min
The wavelength is 220nm
The injection volume was 0.4ul
Time: 15min
Mobile phase: water: methanol = 60:40
1.1.4 calculation:
Area normalization, 98%+
Isatin anhydride: the method is the same

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