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Use and specification of common glassware in laboratory

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In the laboratory, the most used and contacted glassware is glassware. What if the glassware is properly cleaned and fed?
(1) When the cleaned glassware is inverted, the wall should not be hung with water drops, and then rinse with a small amount of distilled water or deionized water for many times.
(2) When washing glassware, attention should be paid to the use of various washing solutions with different properties. Only after the previous one is removed can the next one be used, so as to avoid mutual influence.
(3) Glass instruments for measuring reference materials or samples should not be dried at high temperature, but should be dried upside down.
Let's learn about the use and specification of common glassware in the laboratory
The beaker is used to prepare the solution and dissolve the sample; when heating, it should be placed on the asbestos net to make it evenly heated, and generally can not be dried.
In addition to the same requirements as above, the plug should be opened when heating the grinded conical flask, and the original plug should be kept for the nonstandard grinding mouth.
Round (flat) bottom flask heating and distilling liquid; generally avoid direct fire heating, asbestos mesh or various heating bath heating.
It can also be used as a small amount of gas generating reactor, and its precautions are the same as those of round bottom flask.
Dissolve organic matter in Kjeldahl flask and heat it on asbestos net. Keep the bottle mouth away from yourself and others.
Wash bottled purified water, wash instrument or wash sediment with washing solution.
Measure a certain volume of liquid roughly with measuring cylinder and measuring cup; do not heat or prepare solution in it; do not bake in oven; add or pour out solution along the wall during operation.
Standard solution or measured solution with accurate volume shall be prepared in measuring bottle; non-standard grinding plug shall be kept original; leakage shall not be used; it shall not be baked in oven or heated by direct fire, but can be heated in water bath.
Burette (2550 100ml) capacity analysis titration operation; acid and basic piston should be original; leakage can not be used; can not be heated; can not be stored for a long time; basic tube can not put the titration solution with rubber action.
Micro burette (1234510ml) the operation of micro or semi micro analysis titration is only piston type; other precautions are the same as standard burette.
Pipette can accurately move a certain amount of liquid; can not be heated; the upper end and tip can not be broken; calibration pipette; accurately move a variety of different amounts of liquid.
The low shape of weighing bottle is used to determine the weight loss of drying or to dry the reference material in the oven; the high shape is used for weighing the reference material and sample, and the grinding plug should not be closed tightly for baking, and the grinding plug should be original.
Reagent bottles: narrow mouth bottles, wide mouth bottles and lower mouth bottles are used for storing liquid reagents; wide mouth bottles are used for storing solid reagents; brown bottles are used for storing reagents that are easy to decompose when exposed to light, and can not be heated; solutions that emit a lot of heat during operation cannot be prepared in bottles; the original ones should be kept with grinding plugs; rubber stoppers should be used for bottles of alkali liquor, so as not to be opened for a long time.
The dropping bottle contains the reagent to be added, and the main matters are the same as the reagent bottle.
Funnel long neck funnel is used for quantitative analysis and filtration precipitation; short neck funnel is used for general filtration.
Separating funnel: the drop is spherical and pear shaped, and the cylinder is used to separate two immiscible liquids; it is used for extraction separation and enrichment (pear shaped); the grinding cock for adding liquid in preparation reaction (mostly spherical and dropping funnel) must be original, and the funnel with water leakage cannot be used.
Test tube: ordinary test tube and centrifugal test tube are used for qualitative analysis of ions; centrifugal test tube can separate solution and precipitation by centrifugation in centrifuge; test tube made of hard glass can be directly heated on flame, but can not be cooled; centrifugal tube can only be heated in water bath.
(Nessler) colorimetric tube colorimetric, turbidimetric analysis; direct fire heating is not allowed; non-standard grinding plug must be original; pay attention to keep the tube wall transparent, can not use decontamination paint wash.
Condensing tube: straight spherical serpentine air condensing tube is used for cooling distilled liquid, serpentine tube is suitable for condensing low boiling point liquid steam, air condensing pipe is used for condensing liquid steam with boiling point above 150 ℃. It is not allowed to condense cold and heat; pay attention to inlet cooling water from lower port and water from upper port.
The filtrate received by suction filter bottle belongs to thick wall container, which can withstand negative pressure and can not be heated.
The beaker and funnel of the watch glass cover should not be heated by direct fire, and the diameter should be slightly larger than the container covered.
It is used for grinding solid reagent and sample with mortar; the material that can't grind and interact with glass can't be impacted; it can't be baked.
The dryer keeps the dried or burned materials dry; it can also dry a small amount of prepared products, put discolored silica gel or other desiccant at the bottom, and apply appropriate amount of Vaseline on the grinding mouth of the cover; do not put the red and hot objects in, and open the cover after putting the hot objects, so as to avoid the lid jumping up or the lid cannot be opened after being cold.
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